Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work with my device? We have not tested the ScopeSnap with every device but have yet to find a device it does not work with. For a complete list of devices we have tested please go here: Tested Devices List
  • Does this require a special case? No - the ScopeSnap is designed to work without any case, however, some cases are thin enough to use with the ScopeSnap
  • Do I need to disassemble the microscope to use the ScopeSnap? No - The ScopeSnap is designed to slide over the ocular lens and requires no disassembly. The only thing you may need to take off is the ocular lens grommet if your microscope has one
  • Can I zoom in and take video using the ScopeSnap? Yes! You maintain full functionality of your device while using the ScopeSnap - you can even manipulate the stage while you record videos to cover the entire specimen!
  • Can I use the ScopeSnap on different model microscopes? No - The ScopeSnap is designed to specifically fit the model of microscope it is labelled for
  • I don't see my microscope model listed, can you make one for me? Yes! Please send us an email at to discuss this further
  • Do you do volume discounts? Yes! Please email us at for more information
  • Can you do custom colors or engraving? Yes! Please email us at for more information
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes! Please email us at to work out shipping details